Any Mac admins or gurus please help!

Apr 29, 2007
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Hey guys,

I currently have a bit of an issue. I am a new tech at a school and I have had to setup my first restricted accounts so the students can take there test. Now I have had a few issues and would like to ask some questions.

Firstly in Mac Manager under groups I have used an existing group that the last tech has setup, now in that group under preferences, then applications, it has written, now when I go to specify a custom application it only allows me to browse the current apps on that server. Can someone please tell me how works? or what type of file it is? How do I specify specific apps located on the local machines?

Lastly I had an issue with some of the machines which I believe is related to printing some how. When some of the students were changing the margin properties in Word it would dump them out back onto deskstop, same with tab and some with formating. Others worked great. They are all part of the same group but which has me baffled.

I have copied the hex dump error in hope that some Mac Guru here could possibly decipher it.

Any help with the above 2 questions is very very much appreciated.

Cheers guys!!

Here is the error:

Date/Time: 2007-05-28 11:25:36 +1000
OS Version: 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2

Command: Microsoft Word
Path: /Applications/Microsoft Office X/Microsoft Word
Version: ??? (???)
PID: 441
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BREAKPOINT (0x0006)
Code[0]: 0x00000001
Code[1]: 0x90a8d2c0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 0x90a8d2c0 _NSRaiseError + 0xf8
1 0x90a8d1a4 +[NSException raise:format:] + 0x2c
2 0x90a2d7f8 -[NSObject(NSForwardInvocation) forward::] + 0xb0
3 libobjc.A.dylib 0x95412810 _objc_msgForward + 0xb0
4 0x901cbe6c CFStringCompareWithOptions + 0x140
5 0x901d8b74 CFStringCompare + 0x54
6 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d39cd8 CPLPrinterNameInUse + 0x58
7 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1989c CPLCopyDefaultPrinterName + 0x44
8 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1df70 _ZN15OpaquePMPrinterC4Ev + 0x48
9 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1df18 _ZN15OpaquePMPrinterC2Ev + 0x10
10 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1dedc _ZN11CUPSPrinterC4Ev + 0x20
11 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1deac _ZN11CUPSPrinterC1Ev + 0x10
12 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1dd64 PJCGetCurrentPrinter + 0x68
13 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1dc8c _ZN20OpaquePMPrintSession17SetCurrentPrinterEv + 0x74
14 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1db68 _ZN20OpaquePMPrintSessionC4EPS_ + 0xc4
15 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1da94 _ZN20OpaquePMPrintSessionC1EPS_ + 0x10
16 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1d6f8 _Z16PJCCreateSessionPP20OpaquePMPrintSession + 0x44
17 ...e.print.framework.PrintCore 0x91d1d620 PMCreateSession + 0x3c
18 Microsoft Word 0x020da450 0x2008000 + 0xd2450
19 Microsoft Word 0x02168d24 0x2008000 + 0x160d24
20 Microsoft Word 0x020373b8 0x2008000 + 0x2f3b8
21 Microsoft Word 0x0216818c 0x2008000 + 0x16018c
22 Microsoft Word 0x0216a948 0x2008000 + 0x162948
23 Microsoft Word 0x02526bfc 0x2008000 + 0x51ebfc
24 Microsoft Word 0x02526f10 0x2008000 + 0x51ef10
25 Microsoft Word 0x026fed68 0x2008000 + 0x6f6d68
26 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x0108f188 0x1008000 + 0x87188
27 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x0108f900 0x1008000 + 0x87900
28 MCPZ.stb 0x00661180 0x5c59d0 + 0x9b7b0
29 MCPZ.stb 0x00660f6c 0x5c59d0 + 0x9b59c
30 MCPZ.stb 0x005f126c 0x5c59d0 + 0x2b89c
31 MCPZ.stb 0x005f0108 0x5c59d0 + 0x2a738
32 MCPZ.stb 0x005d81e8 0x5c59d0 + 0x12818
33 MCPZ.stb 0x005d80ec 0x5c59d0 + 0x1271c
34 0x973c5e50 DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x150
35 0x973c60c4 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
36 0x973ca544 SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions + 0x28
37 0x973fcf94 _Z26SendControlDefSetFocusPartP6HIViewshPs + 0xa8
38 0x97411ddc _ZN6HIView20SetFocusPartInternalEshhPss + 0x70
39 0x97411378 _ZN6HIView12SetFocusPartEsh + 0x94
40 0x974aae88 ClearKeyboardFocus + 0x70
41 MCPZ.stb 0x00641948 0x5c59d0 + 0x7bf78
42 MCPZ.stb 0x005d8498 0x5c59d0 + 0x12ac8
43 MCPZ.stb 0x005d81e8 0x5c59d0 + 0x12818
44 MCPZ.stb 0x005d80ec 0x5c59d0 + 0x1271c
45 0x973c5e50 DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x150
46 0x973c60c4 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
47 0x973ca544 SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions + 0x28
48 0x9741e1b4 SetUserFocusWindow + 0x98
49 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x010522dc 0x1008000 + 0x4a2dc
50 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x0116fab4 0x1008000 + 0x167ab4
51 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x01051c70 0x1008000 + 0x49c70
52 MCPZ.stb 0x005d81e8 0x5c59d0 + 0x12818
53 MCPZ.stb 0x005d80ec 0x5c59d0 + 0x1271c
54 0x973c5e50 DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x150
55 0x973c60c4 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
56 0x973d8530 SendEventToEventTarget + 0x28
57 0x973e6cd4 _Z25HandleMouseEventForWindowP15OpaqueWindowPtrP14OpaqueEventReft + 0x144
58 0x973dc5f0 _Z16HandleMouseEventP14OpaqueEventRef + 0x170
59 0x973d6ad0 _Z29ToolboxEventDispatcherHandlerP25OpaqueEventHandlerCallRefP14OpaqueEventRefPv + 0x1e8
60 0x973c5f0c DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x20c
61 0x973c60c4 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
62 0x973d8530 SendEventToEventTarget + 0x28
63 MCPZ.stb 0x005fb270 0x5c59d0 + 0x358a0
64 Microsoft Word 0x020d9de0 0x2008000 + 0xd1de0
65 Microsoft Word 0x0201d1e0 0x2008000 + 0x151e0
66 Microsoft_Office_2001Z 0x01021954 0x1008000 + 0x19954
67 Microsoft Word 0x0201cc28 0x2008000 + 0x14c28

Thread 1:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x900078b8 mach_msg_trap + 0x8
1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90007438 mach_msg + 0x38
2 0x901c2258 __CFRunLoopRun + 0x350
3 0x901c69e4 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 0x148
4 0x950dd4b8 _ZN10HALRunLoop9OwnThreadEPv + 0x104
5 0x950dd2ec _ZN9CAPThread5EntryEPS_ + 0x30
6 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90024990 _pthread_body + 0x28

Thread 2:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90018e78 semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap + 0x8
1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9000ea14 _pthread_cond_wait + 0x268
2 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x962fba50 MPWaitOnQueue + 0xe0
3 0x90948c1c _ZN13TNodeSyncTask12SyncTaskProcEPv + 0x70
4 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x9632cb90 PrivateMPEntryPoint + 0x4c
5 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90024990 _pthread_body + 0x28

PPC Thread State:
srr0: 0x90a8d2c0 srr1: 0x0202f030 vrsave: 0x00000000
cr: 0x24022442 xer: 0x00000007 lr: 0x90a8d298 ctr: 0x9000a900
r0: 0x00000000 r1: 0xbfffd0a0 r2: 0xa0a204bc r3: 0xbfffcc40
r4: 0x00000000 r5: 0x20000000 r6: 0xbfffcd80 r7: 0x00000007
r8: 0x00000001 r9: 0x06f52200 r10: 0x00000a4b r11: 0x24022442
r12: 0x9000a900 r13: 0x00000000 r14: 0x00000000 r15: 0x00000000
r16: 0x00000000 r17: 0x00000001 r18: 0x00000000 r19: 0x00000001
r20: 0x00000708 r21: 0x00000708 r22: 0x00002e7b r23: 0xffffffff
r24: 0x06f48d50 r25: 0xbfffd218 r26: 0x06f524b0 r27: 0xa0a2af6c
r28: 0x9545dae4 r29: 0xa0a24a40 r30: 0x0000000d r31: 0x90a8d1d0

Binary Images Description:
0x1000 - 0x9fff Microsoft Word /Applications/Microsoft Office X/Microsoft Word
0x287000 - 0x2d29b1 CarbonLibpwpc PEF binary: CarbonLibpwpc
0x2d29c0 - 0x2eacad Apple;Carbon;Multimedia PEF binary: Apple;Carbon;Multimedia
0x2ec1f0 - 0x2edf7b Apple;Carbon;Networking PEF binary:
Apr 29, 2007
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Fixed the second issue, word was trying to talk to the print driver on the local HDD which was locked down, when chaning the margins in word it does this. Weird how only some machines were effected but, and they could all print fine when the local HDD was disallowed.

But can anyone tell me how to set access to specific applications thru Mac Manager. I know its group, preferences, applications, but how do I specify an app (Say Office X) for example that is on my test machines but not on the local server?

Also word is enabled with can someone please tell me how this file works? it must be a link to open word on the test machines where IT IS installed.

Mar 9, 2004
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Aluminium Macbook 2.4 Ghz 4GB RAM, SSD 24" Samsung Display, iPhone 4, iPad 2
Hmm, sounds like a .plist file that contains preferences, not the actual application. Yet it sounds as though the previous admin was somehow using it as an "alias" of sorts.

Is there anything specifically preventing your from installing the application on the server instead of on the machines locally?

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