Any good USB to COM port Adaptors?

Feb 2, 2010
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Redcliffe, Western Australia
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Hi at the moment i'm just running leopard, i am planning to run xp aswell i did before with my previous hdd, but installed a bigger one so i can actually use the other os, anyways, i'm planning to get all those car computer analizing software and that for windows, but the interface to the car pc most of the time uses home made cords that plug into com ports,

now i know that sometimes com ports are iffy, and i know that usb adapters will be iffy,

now, does anyone know if there's a working usb to com port adapter, that will run on windows, through bootcamp, on my macbook?

i don't have the money for trial and error here, so i thought i'd ask if someone had already done this? not particularly with the car software, but just with the adpaters on xp


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
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I assume you're talking about USB to serial port adapters.

Can't tell you that these will work definitively.

Can tell you that we use both Keyspan and Trendnet adapters in our office with table sized digitizers. All machines running XP.

The Keyspan devices we use are probably 4+ years old now and we also had to purchase 3rd party drivers to get them to work at that time - another $70.

The Trendnet TU-S9, we just bought about 2 weeks ago from newegg. Must not have been too hard to set up, because I didn't get called in to assist.

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