Another formatting question: sorry

Aug 12, 2004
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London, UK
Sorry to bore you all with more formatting issues but i can't find the exact answer to my question.

I've deduced from this forum that to be able to use an ipod between windows and mac it needs to be windows formatted.

My question is: can you format for windows on a Mac?
I've just ordered an iPod and won't have access to a windows box for a while so want to setup my ipod on my iBook as soon as possible(impatient toy fiend can't resist playing with new shiney things). I'm worried that pluggin my iPod into my iBook will format it automatically then i'll have to re format it(erasing everything) when i get to a windows machine.

Another quick thing, when formatted for windows will i lose the cool little iPod icon on my desktop i've seen on other Macs. If so is there some sort of widgety thing to get it, or something similar, back.



I've just switched from Windows to Mac and have been playing with this formatting thing while I only had a few songs in iTunes.

You loose the iPod picture, yes, and because OS X treats it as just another external device, you get the 'just another external device' picture.

As far as formatting for Windows, I've just had a good look around iTunes and the iPod updater software and I can't see anything about it at all, but there may be 3rd party software that allows you to.

Good luck, hope that helps! I've still got a few songs on it and a Windows box, so if you want me to try anything I can give it a shot.
Jun 25, 2004
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Luxemburg, Europe
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PowerMac G5 Dual 2GHz (June 2004), 2.5GB, Airport, black 5G iPod 30GB, white MacBook 2.0 2GB
Unfortunately, the only way to format your iPod for Windows is through the iPod software running on a Windows PC...
About the drive icon, well, as iSheep said, it'll have the default external disk icon. But I changed the icon, and it keeps it, means when I eject the iPod and plug it back in later, it keeps showing the icon I gave it.
I didn't use any special software or hack for that, just simply changed the icon of my iPod when it was connected to the Mac, and that's it.
Another thing concerning the Win formatted iPod is that if it's name has more than 10 letters, on the Mac only the first 10 are displayed...and always in ugly capitals :(

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