Another amazing Apple repair experience

Feb 23, 2009
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I've always been really happy with Apple's handling of repairs, both large and small, in my own experiences and those of friends of mine. I really thought my luck had run out this time though.

While connecting a new device to my early 2008 Macbook Pro this week, I accidentally plugged the wrong power source into it, which, I suspect, send a pulse of power through the device and into my computer, causing the computer to immediately shut off and not turn again again. No gray screen, no chime, just a short pathetic whir, then silence. I assumed I fried the logic board and thought that this was the end for trusty MBP, which is long out of warranty. I know repairs on something as major as the logic board can cost a pretty penny, so I was resigned to the idea of having to put a new one on a credit card.

I took my computer to the nearest Genius Bar, where they told me it would cost $300 for them to ship it to their repair facility and get it fixed. Not as bad as I imagined, but still, I groaned. Not being able to work for 5-7 days made it worse. A few days later they called to say they needed to replace the hard drive, and they wanted $975 for it, which is outrageous when I can just buy a drive and replace it myself for a hundred bucks. So I had them send it back without doing anything to it.

Or so I thought. When I picked up my computer at the Apple Store, mentally preparing for the next process of buying and replacing the drive, wasting this beautiful day, I learned that it wasn't my hard drive that failed at all. They had already started replacing the parts, including the logic board, optical drive and top casing, but when they found that my hard drive was from a third party maker, installed by yours truly, they stopped the repair to ask if I was willing to pay for the extra cost of replacing it. When I said "no", I guess they were too busy to take the new parts out and put my old ones back in so...

My three year old MBP now has a new casing, new Superdrive, new logic board and the same operational hard drive as before, and I paid NOTHING for them! The Genius was totally amazed and told me I really lucked out. Here I was expecting to be out a few hundred bucks AND have to go through the process of disassembling my computer, and now I'm back home, enjoying old Bessie once again.

Needless to say I'm VERY happy with the way this turned out, and Apple's customer care track record is still perfect in my book. Just wanted to share because I sometimes hear of really awful customer care from Apple, but I just haven't seen it.

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