Annoying disk images on G4 desktop

Mar 21, 2007
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After downloading and installing new programs, i still seem to be left with the disk images on my desktop. Do i need these disk images in order to run the programs, or can i somehow get rid of them? If i cannot get rid of them, is there a sensible place to keep them? I am a relatively new mac user.


Welcome to Mac-Forums, iangriffiths!

We agree that .dmg files are installers? It's the same as with any other other installer: if you think they are worth keeping, in case you need to reinstall them, you can burn them to CD or DVD (btw, that's what I do, I burn all my installers to DVD along with my other files). If it's just a one time thing, you can safely delete them by dragging them to the trash and emptying the trash afterwards.

Just make sure your programs are installed for real before getting rid of the installers, otherwise you will have go through the download again.

Hope this helps.

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