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Analog Video to Dvd for iMac Suggestions

Apr 7, 2005
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Hello, new iMac user here, LOVE IT. I would like to transfer video from my directv tivo to DVD. I'm considering a regular stand alone DVD recorder but I'm also wondering if there is an easy and inexpensive way to record from the S-Video or Composite output of the Tivo using my iMac. I'd like to be able to remove commercials and do a little more editing than the standalone can do.

I've seen a couple of USB devices that seem promising including the eyeTV Wonder. One problem is that the recorder and mac are across the room from each other, about 25 feet or so. I don't need great quality so I guess I could use longer video cables and just put up with the loss. I'm longer than the 16 ft max of usb as well although I could just get a usb extension (Yes I know I need the powered usb extensions, not just a cable). Any experiences with the eyetv usb or any other suggestions.

Apr 11, 2005
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Cleveland Ohio
Your Mac's Specs
Dual G5 powermac

off of tv, as far as i know your quality will be 320x240, unless you have HD or otherwise. DVDs are either 720x480 or 352x288..

In my experience, USB capture is terrible. you end up with dropped frames, sound lagging, etc..

Now a firewire transfer is more like it. Yes i know theyre similar in speeds, but firewire has always worked for me.

Or many video cards have tv tuners...i need to know if my ATI wonderVE will work on mac, as you could use that. the ati wonderVE was like 30 bucks...plus you get TV on it lol


if you ever decide to buy a camcorder, make sure it has a pass-through feature and firewire. although i had to setup my dvr next to my computer, using the camcorder to convert the analog signal from the dvr to digital and then pass it on to the computer via firewire worked perfect. good luck with doing this without moving your dvr!
also, i don't think macs can import video without using firewire. if you ask the help menu about importing video, it will say you have to have a device with firewire output.