Analog to Digital

Jan 16, 2004
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New Jersey USA
Your Mac's Specs
G5 DP 1.8 160 Super Drive 17 " Display
I have decided to switch to a G5 from a PC. I used Pinnacle Studio 8 with a USB MovieBox. It captures an analog( VHS tape) signal and converts to digital but this is done through the Studio 8 software. Does anyone know if this will work with the Apple?

Also what kind of sound card comes with the G5? Does it have inputs/outputs?

I bought an IPOD 20G the other day and have had problems with it working with the PC. This was the final straw! That is why I am switching.

Tell me of any programs that is a must to have. Of course all my PC stuff will have to go and I have a couple of favorites.

I am going to the Apple Store tomorrow.


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