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Am I the only one not happy with the sound of iTunes?



What software to get the best sound of my iMac G5?

I've just bought an good external soundcard (with a firewire connection), hoping to bring the sound quality on my iMac G5 closer to what I have on my stereo. I'm happy with the card, but it shows the limitations of iTunes. Particularly when playing CDs, the sound hasn't got much life, the musical picture is lacking in definition and depth. I suspect the problem comes largely from the amount of processing in iTunes. I've tried other players : Audion sounds clearer, more transparent, but still a bit grey. The best sound comes out of the simplest software, probably because it just picks up the data from the drive and directs it to the soundcard with minimal interference. So far the best sounding software I have found is Simple Audio Cd player 101- good sound, but the features are really minimal...

My question : Does anyone know of other software that would have "audiophile" sound quality, and a few more features than Simple Audio Player? Fast Forward would be nice :). Also ripping features to some lossless codec? I've been looking and looking...

Thanks for your help


There is a program that I use call VolumeLogic. I personally think its quite good. www.volumelogic.com You can do the trial first to see if its what you are looking for.


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I'm personally fairly happy with the sound iTunes provides, although maybe check out the now eol'd audacity audio player...

Though I hear people have improved things with the plugin mentioned above too...