Always Losing Input Menu Preferences



I've had a search and can't find any help with this problem. Hopefully one of you lovely Mac gurus will be able to give me some advice!

My iBook (bought in the UK), runninng OS X 10.2.8, is having problems with keeping my input language preferences. I have my languages set to British English and Japanese and the input menu set to British English, Character Palette and Japanese. I should be able to switch easily between these three different types of input but I always find that my input menu is set at British English and American English when I look at the drop-down menu showing the flag.

The strange thing is that when I go to System Preferences to change the input menu, it shows British English, Character Palette and Japanese as ticked. I have to uncheck and check the tick-box in order to reinstate those input languages.

This problem only started when I got my iBook back from Apple in Japan after they replaced the logic board. Is it possible that they did something to the language settings there, assuming that I wouldn't need Japanese input because I am a foreigner? Seems kind of unlikely.

Thanks for your help in advance!



I'm still having this problem with my iBook and it's quite frustrating for me as I switch between Japanese and English a lot when writing emails. I can't believe that noone else has experienced this or can comment on why it's happening!

I realise that the input languages are changing every time I shut down. What's up with my machine?
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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G4 1Ghz OS X 10.4.7
Have you tried making the setting as you want it then repair permissions?

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