Allume Systems (formerly Alladin Systems) discounts

Jun 24, 2004
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Arlington Heights, IL USA
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I got an e-mail today from Allume Systems (formerly Alladin Systems) that stated they have a 50% discount going (for a limited time) on all of their software in their online store.

I bought the gamers pack 1, which normally runs $49.95 but only paid $25 + shipping ($8.95), pretty good if you ask me. It's the one with SpyHunter, James Bond and about 3-4 other titles all in one.

You need a code to input before you checkout and, from what I understand, you can get one by e-mailing them a request. (That is what my brother did anyway). Otherwise I think the e-mails with the codes are being sent to recent purchasers automatically.

Just thought I'd share.


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