Aladdin Spring Cleaning and other Uninstallers/Cleaners?



I am very tempted on buying Aladdin Spring Cleaning...

I just reformatted my PowerBook cuz there where weird things going on that I couldn't seem to find and delete everything associated with stuff I had already removed.

The "search and delete" way of uninstalling is NOT enough!

Programs and Demos leave their crap behind hidden somewhere where I can't find them. To just come back to haunt me with errors "I can't find this, that failed to load" when logging on (Tablet, Mouse, Keyboard 3rd party drivers), or Demos that I had long since uninstalled - and want to give them another try to see if things I hated from them are gone - only to be greeted with "Demo expired" - but, I have never used this version before!


Anyone know of Aladdin Spring Cleaning or some other app will help me?

I swear Spring Cleaning came with Norton System Works 2 - if so, is that a demo or a full version? Wonder what I did with it...

Thanks for any info.

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