Airport not able to see network printer



This is such a strange problem -- I am hoping someone else has run into it.

Recently, I hooked my MAC into a wireless network (PC-based). I can see my PC shares just fine. I often swap files from MAC to PC. I can connect to the Internet just fine. But I cannot see the HP postscript network printer...(a month ago, while on a MAC and PC Ethernet network, no problem seeing the printer).

There must be something about AppleTalk and Airport. Although, I don't know why I can see PCs on the network and not the printer.

Has anyone here had problems finding a network printer on a PC-based wireless network?

Thank you,




5. If the printer is still not appearing in the Chooser, use the Desktop Printer Utility to set the printer up for IP printing from the Macintosh(R):
a. Open the folder ?Applications (Mac(R) OS 9(TM))? followed by the folder ?Utilities? and double-click ?Desktop Printer Utility.?
b. Once the utility launches, a window will populate labeled ?New Desktop Printer? with ?Laserwriter 8.?
c. Choose ?Printer LPR? from the list of options.
d. A new window will populate with two boxes.
e. In the upper box, labeled Postscript(TM) Printer Description (PPD) File. The current PPD will be ?Generic.?
f. Click ?Change? and choose the appropriate PPD (HP LaserJet 4050) for the printer.
g. Next click ?Change? in the lower box labeled ?LPR Printer Selection? (may also be labeled ?Internet Printer?)
h. Enter the printer?s IP address into the box and click ?Verify.? When the address verifies, click ?OK.?
i. Now the upper box in the ?New Desktop Printer? window should show your printer and the lower window should show the IP address.
j. Click ?Create? then click ?Save? when prompted. A name may be selected for the printer (default is the IP address. A desktop icon may be created for the printer, but the printer may not appear in the Chooser.)
k. Open an application and choose ?File? then ?Print.?
l. Select the LaserJet 4050 in the ?Printer? dropdown if it is not already selected, then click ?Print.?

6. Once the printer is set up, it may be necessary to make certain that all the installable options for the printer are selected.
a. Highlight the printer?s desktop icon, then click on the ?Printing? menu, then select ?Change Setup.?
b. Click ?Change Setup? to bring up the list of installable options, and then install any additional trays, or accessories.
c. Click ?OK.?

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