Airport networking question

Aug 11, 2008
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I have a Imac OSX 10.5.4 and a MAC Book Pro 10.5.4 linked together via Airport. MY goal here is to have the Imac be the "anchor" hard wired computer via ethernet & USB to printer and then for the MB to utilize both internet and printer via Airport wireless.

I have the IMAC and MB working together pretty well after setting them up last evening but I seem to have a few issues to contend with;

The IMac is no issue at all with Internet connection because its hardwired, but 3 times i have tried to connect with the MB and get the "Could not connect with the Internet" warning box. It sees my Imac network and wants to connect but asks me for a "password" that I am not sure of? Was this the number that came up on my MB when I first connected the two last evening? How do I find out what this number is, after the fact? I did not save it in my password keychain (stupid me)....It seems as though if I completely restart the MB it connects just fine without needing a password...I'm confused?

Am I also able to search and copy/send small files from computer to computer wirelessly?
Feb 5, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
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Go to System Preferences / Sharing and make sure you have the following enabled on the iMac:
  • File Sharing (both machines)
  • Printer Sharing (enable the printer)
  • Internet Sharing (share your connection from "ethernet")

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