AirPort Help Needed

Feb 27, 2007
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Brooklyn, NY
Your Mac's Specs
Mac Pro;2.66 Quad Xeon-2gb ram-250&500gb hd, 15" MB Pro; 2.33GHz 2 Duo-2gb ram
I've just recently converted to mac and now have a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. My current network is as follows. DSL service into a wireless modem/router, a lan line runs from this router to my Mac Pro ( Mac Pro is not AirPort equiped). My MacBook Pro uses the wireless signal from the router. I have a USB Epson printer in a closet that use to work on a Linksys wireless print router. That print server has since died.
Can I use the AirPort Extreme to use my printer wirelessly, And how would it be done. I'd like to figure this out before I purchase anything else.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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