Airport Extreme help for a noob

Nov 3, 2011
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I am no expert on wireless networks so, bear with me.

I have been using an older Linksys wireless router that has become kind of unreliable so I went today to buy a new one. The guy at BestBuy HIGHLY recommended the Airport Extreme. I currently use one PC laptop, a VERY old Mac Powerbook that is about to be put out of its misery and a PS3 on my wireless network.

So, I hooked up the AEBS and the indicator light immediately turned green for a second, then solid amber for about 20 seconds and finally settled on blinking amber. According to the manual this means no internet connection. I go ahead and open the Airport Utility on my PC but it doesn't find the AEBS. (The powerbook is so old I can't even install the current version of Airport Utility and the version that is has is too old to work with the Airport Extreme) I rescan a couple of times and it never finds the AEBS.

I then connected an ethernet cable from the laptop directly to the AEBS. It now "sees" the AEBS but when I try to start the network setup it says that is can't connect to the device and gives me an error code of 10057.

Finally, I hooked my old router back up (which connected fine) and then connected an ethernet cable from the the old router to the AEBS. Airport Utility then found the AEBS and let me setup the network. It, of course, set it up as if it were running through another router (which it was). I then tried hooking the AEBS directly to the modem and, again, Airport Utility can no longer find it. The AEBS just continues to blink the amber indicator.

I have also checked my Firewall settings to be sure it is not blocking access. I am really just out of ideas. I don't really want to have to run the new wireless router through my old one that drops out fairly regularly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

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