Airport Extreme - flashing Amber light

Jan 5, 2015
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For the last few months my internet connection has been dropping out very regularly. Couldn’t stand it any longer, decided to try and fix it.

Imac – OS 10.5.8 (need to stay on this as I have HP Laserjet 3055 and the scan function is not supported in later OS… a couple of years ago I updated to Snow leopard and then had to go back to 10.5.8 and that was a big headache for me.

Also have Macbook – OS 10.9.5 and IPAD and 2 Iphone – 5S

I have Airport extreme I.P. ; 802.11n ( 2nd Generation)

Belkin Modem :F5D5630au v2 4 port modem

1. Called service provider: – my line is good – no problems with internet
2. Called Belkin – everything working as it should on Modem
3. Called Apple as A/P Extreme said it didn’t have a valid IP address
4. Genius bar apptm – took A/P extreme … all they did was reset the box
5. Now back at home trying to get everything to work …and no luck

It seems A/P extreme has the same default gateway as the Belkin modem – Can A/P extreme gateway be changed from this?

When I plug Macbook into Belkin Modem with Ethernet cable – internet connection works and is good – does not drop out.

When I plug Imac directly into Belkin modem with Ethernet – again internet connection works and is good – does not drop out.

But, this is not how I want it setup. I was using my macbook and IPAD wirelessly throughout the house. I want to use Wireless Airport. How I had it set up before all this trouble is:

IMAC connected to A/P Extreme with Ethernet cable. Then I had an Ethernet cable going from the back of the A/P Extreme to one of the ports in the Belkin Modem. I also have Ethernet cable from HP Laserjet going to back of A/P Extreme. Now if I set up like this, A/P extreme has the flashing Amber light - it does not get to the solid green light…thus wireless airport not working and printer not working.

Can someone please help me to get this network working correctly – I have limited network knowledge. I know my IMAC is using the old OS of 10.5.8 but I don’t want to buy a new Laserjet or stand alone scanner. If only HP put out all the drivers, I wouldn’t be in this mess! Is there a work around solution to this issue? I’m assuming the problem is the A/P extreme gateway of is conflicting with the Belkin one.
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Oct 1, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
Mac Mini i5 (2014 High Sierra), iPhone X, Apple Watch, iPad Pro 12.9, AppleTV (4)
Connect the Airport extreme by ethernet to your iMac and open Airport Utility

Click the AirPort Exterme icon, then click Edit
Click the Network tab
Click Network Options
Change the IPv4 DHCP Range from to 200 to read to 200 (this should make your Extreme take on the local IP address
Click Save, then click Update and allow the AirPort Extreme to restart

Now connect your modem to the WAN port of the Airport Extreme and try again

For info, none of this has anything to do with the version of OSX you have etc.

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