Airport Express & Marriott high speed

Aug 3, 2004
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Last week I was on a business trip and brought my airport express with me to serve as a wireless point off of the in-room high speed ethernet. The set up was easy and I got everything going just fine. However, after about an hour of operation the airport express would go to the blinking orange light, claiming that the ethernet connection is lost. At first, I thought that perhaps the ISP for Marriott was having issues, but when I would switch the ethernet cable over to my powerbook, the powerbook was immediately able to get on and stay on the Marriott network and did not experience any outages. The conditions under which the airport express was operating were: (1) internet connection = DHCP address through ethernet, (2) networking = DHCP + NAT serving of wireless clients, (3) WPA encryption. I experienced this problem at least 8-10 times over the 4 days that I was in the hotel.

I am wondering if my airport express (a) has a hardware problem or (b) has a software problem that causes it to go on strike after a certain amount of time. Has anyone else seen issues like this when running the airport express under similar conditions? Thanks.
Feb 11, 2004
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Orlando, Florida
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I was using the Hilton HS Internet in Vegas last week with no problems. The best thing was the Express logged it's MAC address with the DHCP server so we were able to connect with our 2 laptops and only pay for one. No connection issues or disconnects (except when the 24 hour lease ran out and I had to go pay again).

I was not using encryption but I don't see where that would affect the connection you had.

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