Airplay Problems

Dec 1, 2011
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I am new to the forum and hope to get some advice on my issues:
I should first mention that everything in my system was working as it should several days ago, however, due to an ISP upgrade I received a new Cisco Wirelss Router, Model: DPC3825.
After going through all the setup I established an internet connection to my PC laptop running Vista and my Ipad 2. I also have an Airport Express in another room which I have to stream music to a stereo. I also have a Pioneer VSX 1021 Receiver (airplay capable) directly connected to the Cisco modem via a Lan Line.

My current situation is this:
IPAD to internet works.
IPAD Itunes to Airport Express works.
Ipad2 App. Icontrol AV2 (used to wirelessly control Pioneer VSX 1021 amp) works great.
IPAD on all apps however, does not display VSX 1021 as an Airplay Option like it did with my old router.

Pioneer Receiver VSX 1021 can access Internet radio via the a/m APP and manually, however, does not appear on IPAD or Laptop ITUNES as an available airplay option.

HP Laptop running Vista which is connected both wirelessly and a Lan line to Cisco Modem is connected to internet.
Itunes on Laptop shows only Airport Express as an Airplay option, no VSX 1021 present apprears, however, even when I try to connect to the Airport Express displayed, I get an error message of (-15000).

I have gone through all the re-booting efforts of everything involved. Spoken at length to an Apple Technician, my ISP tech and a Cisco tech, all of whom can't figure it out.

Given that everything was working prior to the modem upgrade I have to believe it has something to do with the CISCO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...........

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