air port - 3com wireless router crash

May 8, 2007
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I bought iMac 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 8 weeks ago. I have to confess it was a big challenge to get used to it (I was having a PC for 13 years). I was about to give it back several times. Finally I went through it and now I am on Mac side of the universe.

There is only one “but” – the wireless connection with my 3Com router (Office Connect ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router). iMac has many moments of “hesitation” during accessing websites. Sometimes I have to wait 10-15 seconds until I can access a website, while it takes less the 1 sec on my old PC with 3Com wireless card.

Does it have something to do with compatibility? What wireless router do you use with yours iMacs. I am ready to buy a new one if it can solve the problem.

Thank you for your help

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