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Jun 8, 2010
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Until I retired from teaching, I was forcibly married to PC's and Microsoft. For the most part, that was unpleasant, but the one positive was that I became enamored with and very proficient at using Microsoft Publisher. I could do lots of cool things, my favorite being placing a picture in the center of my page, converting it to greyscale, sending it to the back, typing my letter then making it transparent so the picture showed through in the background. It made otherwise boring copy a lot more interesting. I have tried several publisher apps for Mac, most notably iStudio Publisher, but nothing comes close or as user friendly as Microsoft Publisher, which doesn't have a Mac version. I went to a workshop at the Apple Store, but the instructor was only cursorily knowledgeable about Pages, not aware of fancier things. Others at the store suggested that I could likely do the kinds of things I noted above in Pages, but couldn't tell me where to go to acquire the information. I am wondering if any Apple gurus might know of an e-book or paper book that might help me to get past the basics into Pages' possible higher level uses. If you have any other better ideas, please let me know.
Jun 17, 2011
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Not a Pages expert, but to do something similar to what you described, you can import a pictures, size it to the size of the page and set the opacity to something like 20%. Then you can overlay it with a text box and type in what you want over the picture. There may be better ways. As i say I am not a pages expert.

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