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Feb 20, 2010
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I'm new so if this isn't the place for this, please direct me to the proper forum.

I use Adium for my instant messaging needs, and I'm stumped on a couple things. I'll start with just one question and ask more if I get responses.

On average, I have about five Adium windows open at a time, each with about 10 chat tabs open. Each of the five window sets is designated for a particular stage in my communication process. I need to know how to control which window-set becomes the default when I receive a new message from a contact who is not already in one of the open tabs.

I tried to figure out how Adium decides which window to make the default by performing the following test:

*No chat windows open
1) Open chat with first person on my list.
2) Open chat with the second person on my list. This gets placed as a second tab in the same window.
3) Drag second tab out to be its own window.
4) Open Chat with the third person on my list.

I repeated this test 10 times, each time closing all windows so I was starting fresh. Four times out of ten, the third chat tab opened in the original window next to the first chat I opened. The other six times it opened in the new window next to the second chat tab (note. the four and six times were not consecutive).

Without digging deeper it seems that Adium is not following any logic when deciding where to open the third chat tab; that it's just doing it randomly. Does anyone know how this can be controlled. It seems unlikely that this really is a random decision; there has to be a way to control it.

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