Adium 1.0.2 available

Feb 4, 2007
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15" macbookpro - 2.33ghz - 2gb RAM - 120gb hd
figured i would pass this along to all you chatters out there.
theres a new version of Adium available.

download here

- Fixed a crash which could occur while performing DNS resolutions and optimized for performance
- Fixed another situation in which an AIM file transfer could fail, introduced in the fix included in 1.0.1
- Fixed a crash when sending formatted MSN text (#5753)
- Fixed linkification of .eu domains
- Various performance improvements to the log viewer when opening it and performing searches, particularly in searching while indexing occurs. All logs will be reindexed the first time 1.0.2's log viewer opens.
- Fixed sending of packages and folders via file transfer
- Fixed sending of images via copy-paste on services besides AIM
- Fixed default Google Talk configuration for Google Talk Enterprise users (#6505)
- Fixed searching of the keychain list (#4463)
- Fixed rate limiting error when using the iTunes Now Playing status and rapidly changing the iTunes track (#2463)
- Fixed dock-like hiding on the right side of the screen after the scrollbar disappears with autosizing disabled. (#6179)
- We now once again send autoreplies to strangers (#6334)
- Fixed the password prompt window to properly come to the front
- Windows whose saved position is off-screen due to a resolution change now display on-screen, as expected, when opened (#5845)
- Fixed incorrect indication of certain MSN contacts as being mobile (#6477)
- Incoming Bonjour messages which don't have an HTML component are now properly displayed (#6590)
- Fixed the date logged for a window closed event (#6566)
- Added ability to import Fire accounts and logs after first-run (#6519)
- Fixed the progress bar in the Fire importer
- Correct a situation in which the Fire log importer could generate invalid XML
- Fire import now supports HTML-styled away messages
- Fixed a memory leak when a DNS query is cancelled
- Removed the broken feature which was supposed to allow applescript Xtra script triggers to be escaped (#6552)
- iTunes substitution triggers are now case insensitive (#6293)
- Left and right arrow keys now behave as expected in the file transfer progress window (#1813)
- Emoticon packs' names and emoticon names can now be localized
- Use the correct extension for incoming custom emoticons; this hopefully fixes some problems with their display in 10.3. (#6232)
- Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, zh_CN, and zh_TW localization updates

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