Adding pdf and video in a single view

Feb 21, 2011
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Hi all,

I am working on an app for iPad. In this app I have to show 6 products of some company. All those 6 products have some videos and pdf files. Till now I have created a home screen which has all 6 products. Touching a product takes to a screen which will have all the videos and pdf files. Now when the user selects a video, it plays a video (it should also have full screen option) and if user selects pdf, it opens the pdf file. I need to show the videos and pdf of all the products in a single view. I have tagged the buttons on the home screen from 1 to 6 and added media player framework to play videos. Now I don't know how to proceed. Please guide.
Any help/guidance will be highly appreciable.

Thanks and best regards

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