Adding Content (CMS) To Parse

Oct 18, 2011
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What's the best way to set up a very simple CMS based system with an app that is powered by

For example, i have a 'Latest News' section on my app, and i (admin) want to be able to create news posts each day, that will then appear in the News Section within the app.

Which is the best option:

01 - build a small CMS based system onto the backend (is this even possible)
02 - create an external 'Latest News' cms system, such as wordpress, and then call the data from the wordpress system into the app?
03 - create an admin user within the app itself, so that when i login to the app itself, i have the ability to add News Posts to the system ( database), which are then displayed in the app for all other normal users?

Can anyone offer any advice on this please?

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