Add Help book to cocoa app

Sep 26, 2008
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ok i am making cocoa app with xcode and i want to add a help document, so when you go to help and program help(no i don't have name yet) it opens a window with help that you wrote. i have a .rtf document called help index and i have this in my xcode project under resources. now i don't know what do with it because when i test my program and go to help it says there is no help for program. so help with this will be appreciated. i am new to this site and new to xcode. so please help. oh i am using 10.5.5 and xcode 3.0 thank you so much. i also put this same post on a different part of this site, called xcode problem under applications and games. if a moderator or admin would nice enough to delete that post and leave this one. thank you fellow mac users.

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