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Ad Student Survey: Imaginary MacBook Pro Invention

Sep 14, 2008
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Hello everyone. I am an Ad design student at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit. I have an assignment which requires me to research the feasibility of an imaginary invention. Thus I have created this post. Please take a little time to fill this out, it would help me out soo much. Thanks
(my invention is a scanner/cooling system which attaches to the bottom of the macbook pro 15" and 17", or any other laptop for that matter, that provides scanning of documents up to 11"x17" in size and provides extra temperature control)

1. What make/model of cpu do you use? operating system?

2. Are you concerned about the amount of heat that your laptop generates?

3. How often do you use a computer? scanner?

4. On a scale from 1-5, what is your desire for a mountable scanner/cooling system for your laptop?

5. Any ideas for a potential name?

6. A/S/L

7. Occupation


Retired Staff
Jul 24, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
MBP 2.3 Ghz 4GB RAM 860 GB SSD, iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 32GB RAM, Fusion Drive 1TB
1. 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor OS: Mac OS X 10.5.4

2. Moderately concerned

3. Computer everyday. Scanner 3-4 times a week

4. 3

5. KoolScan?

6. 21/X/SoCal

7. Graphic Designer/Student

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