A little Application folder advice

Jan 27, 2007
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I'd like to share something I've learned about the application folder. And share it on to the wider Mac community. Sure most people already know it but there might be some switchers that could benefit from it.

And the advice is simple. Put all of your applications in the application folder and leave them there. And if you have to or want to open them from another place as I do. To have for an example, a folder in the dock of all Adobe apps. Make aliases of the apps and put them in the new folder. And leave the originals in the apps folder.

Why is this so important? Well here are a few things that will not work if the an app is moved. This is for 10.5 by the way. But I assume 10.4 would be the same.

1. Software update will fail in updating the app.
2. Many of the keyboard shortcuts will simply not work. I tested it with itunes. And a few other apps and this seems to be the case.
3. Other apps have trouble syncing with the moved app.
4. Sometimes the app with have various issues with the dock when moved. This is rare but has happened to me at times.
5. If the app is a start up item, it might not start up on startup.

There is probably more I haven't noticed also.

So the rule here is. Leave the apps in the app folder and everything will be fine.

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