A funny thing happened to my iPad on the way home

Oct 18, 2011
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Haven't been on the forum for awhile, but thought I'd check-in. A few months back after volunteering at an event for our CERT program, I had returned to the fire station, put all my stuff in my Jeep and headed home. When I got there I noticed I couldn't find my iPad 3. Not to worry, I cranked up the locate my iPhone app and the locator showed the pad was back at the station. I headed back up there, but couldn't find the device. So once again I brought up the locate app and stood there watching my pad traveling down the street some 3-4 miles away. WTH? I jumped back in my Jeep and started chasing the signal which was now on the freeway. Luckily it had exited the freeway and had come to a stop in a bad neighborhood. GREAT!!!!
Once again I triggered the locate, sent out a beep and started knocking on a few apartment doors with some less than favorable responses. Hitting the locate beeper I heard the signal coming from a locked car. Decision time...
Next step.. I called the Sheriff's Dept and they sent out not 1 but 2 units. When the got there I explained the situation to them, triggering the locate beeper on the app for the last time and hearing the beep , showing the officer's that was in fact my device sitting on the floor of the car. They informed me there wasn't anything they could do and as we were discussing it, the owner of the car appeared. He gave me the pad saying he had found it in the street in from of the fire station and picked it up. One minor problem... The pad was totally nuked!!! The screen was shattered and separated from the chassis of the pad. Boooo!!!! Evidently I had left the pad sitting on top of the back of the Jeep while loading my stuff into the car and had missed loading it (one of the many benefits of having ADD) I thanked both the police and the driver and headed on back home, purchasing a new iPad Air at Verizon. Luckily, I keep my devices backed up on my computer and was ale to retrieve about 98% of what was on it before. There were just a few notes missing,; no big deal. I really wasn't planning on upgrading as my previous device was serving me well, but what the ****.... right! The amazing part was that after the device had been totally totaled, the locator working along with the beeper.
The moral of the story: 1. Be mindful what you do with your stuff. 2 Back-up frequently as you never know what might happen.

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