867Mhz vs. 1Ghz 12"



So I've settled on the 12 inch PowerBook G4. However, I just found out that Apple is offering a refurbished PowerBook G4 12" 867 Mhz for $1049, with 256MB RAM, 40GB, and combo drive. Do you think that this is a good deal? Are refurbished macs as good as new ones? What would be the benefit of buying a 1Ghz 12" PowerBook? Is 867Mhz that big of a deal, esp. with the price comparison? I'm also looking at getting a desktop Mac(probably a 1.25Ghz PowerMac G4 or 15"/17" iMac), so do you think that 867Mhz is good enough for a laptop equivalent? How do they compare, speedwise, etc.?


Refurbished items are pretty good deals IMO.

You'll need to take into account the RAM and HD of the 1gHz model to make a fair comparison. Also compare your expansion options such as ports for USB 1 and 2, FireWire, 100-bit and gigabit ethernet, Airport and Airport Extreme.

If your desktop will be your main Mac, and your portable just needs to handle "everyday"-type stuff (emails, surfing, word-processing, minor video/photo/music duties) you should be OK w/ the refurb. If you need to do the same stuff on both Macs, you may be well served by getting the newer model.


Personally I would still go with the 1ghz, because of the problems that plagued the Rev. A 12" powerbooks.

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