802.11g Adapter/Bridge



I'm looking for the best eqmpt to add an 802.11g adapter/bridge to an older iMac G4 (two years old, running 10.2.8).

The external USB adapters that I'm aware, of and that are said to be Mac supported, all seem to be only 802.11b.

I'm putting together a wireless network (only to share cable modem internet access) in a mixed PC/Mac environment. I'd really want an 802.11g solution for the iMac both because the router and PC will be 802.11g equipment and I'd rather not mix standards, and also I thought the 802.11g would have better range even if not any greater speed for this application.

Can anyone recommend an adapter/bridge that is 802.11g and can connect either through the USB or Ethernet port and is Mac supported? Thanks.


802.11G doesnt always get better range. It really depends on the settings but it can get up to 300ft..B ususaly tops at 150 - 200ft. Anyway, if you aren't going to be using it at long distances then their really is no need to go G. You surely wont ever get connected at more the 11mb on a cable connection..so IMO you should just use a standard 802.11B card. Getting a G card would be pointless unless you wanted to share huge files over the computers.
Oh and to answer your question. Linksys makes an Ethernet based wireless solution. it will work with ANY PC/MAC that has an ethernet port and it uses the 802.11g standard like you want. Its sorta pricey though at 150.00. Its called the WET54. They are called "bridges" and this particular version is pretty popular on ebay. You may want to check them out. You might get one for cheaper. Also, i'd stay clear of a USB solution as IMO they are rather slow...especially if you only have USB 1.1.


If you can, you should get ALL the machine in 802.11g network. 802.11g is backward compatible with 802.11b, but in the compability mode, you won't be able to get full 54mbps on 802.11g clients. The practical throughput would be around 20mbps, not much higher than 11mbps for 802.11b. All your 802.11g components are basically wasted.

Yes, the speed to internet is ultimately governed by the speed of your ISP, 1mbps to 10mbps depending on what kind of DSL or cable modem you have. The importance of higher bandwidth in local network is easier file sharing and less collision.

There are clients that connect to ethernet port. Those clients are completely platform independent, so you can use them on a PC, Mac, X Box or Playstation. I'm not sure if they have 802.11g version out, but if not yet it's just a matter of time. 802.11g is getting matured pretty fast.

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