733 G4 and Panther



Hey all. I was reading about Panther and so on. I have a 733 G4 w/ 640MB RAM. I currently have OS 10.2 installed (the latest version of it, also) and the system tends to be rather slow at times. When I first bought it w/ OS 9.2 it was snappy snappy, and after installing X, it seems to have slowed down. I think this has something to do w/ the way OS X processes information and how it splits up processor power to all open apps. My biggest wonder is if it will be benificiary to me to upgrade to 10.3 when it comes out. I've heard there are speed enhancements, but I don't exactly have the latest and greatest PM out there, so I'm thinking it might actually make my mac run slow.

Any Ideas?


BTW.. its a 733 Quicksilver



hey ford,

I got the same computer (only a gig of RAM) and 10.2 runs perfect

first yes defanitly upgrade to 10.3...

second from my expirence these things will make your mac run faster:

• re-initialize your hard drive and install 10.2 on it
• check your power supply (this my sound stupid, but your mac (especially big ones like the G4 733 tower is) needs alot of power, and if your plugging all your periphials and your monitor into the same power grid it could cause your computer to run extremely sluggish)
• clean the dust out of the inside of the tower
• keep your mac cool, if it gets too hot it will run slow

other than that more RAM dosn't hurt, but if your putting more RAM in make sure you have the external power to support it...

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