640MB enough?!?!



Hey All!

Just a quick question. I have a 733 G4 w/ 640MB RAM. I am running Jaguar, and it doesn't seem all that fast to me. I notice it really seems to drag when I'm running IE 5, Mail, MS Word X, iTunes, and AIM. Does it just sound like they are pulling alot of processor power from the puny 733MHz Processor? or would an upgrade of RAM make a difference? I thought putting a 512MB chip in would do a big difference, which it did. Brought it from 128MB and this thing really seemed to fly, of course at that time I didn't like OS X, so I was still using 9.

Any ideas?


Oct 27, 2002
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17" iMac G4 800MHz 1GB RAM
I put a gig in my 800 MHz G4, and it works great. Occasionaly I can get it to max out, but for the most part it runs awesome with a GB or RAM. i would recommend doing it. You can get a 512MB PC133 stick of RAM for $78 at MemoryX.net. It is worth every penny. And installing it isn't hard at all. There are instructions on the net somewhere.

My opinion ( as always ) : Max out your RAM with as much as you can possibly afford, you will be happy in the end, and you will never say "****, I have too much RAM" :)

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