5k iMac owners - Would you mind checking something out?

Aug 1, 2011
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I'd like to ask a favour of the fortunate 5k iMac owners out there. If you have a BootCamp partition & have purchased Elite: Dangerous, would you mind recording (Maybe on your phone or something similar) a short video to show the performance of how the game runs at 5k & a couple of other resolutions at the highest setting of ultra?

Another user also mentioned that the 5k monitor may not even teed Anti aliasing due to the clarity of the resolution too. What are your thoughts on this & how is the performance affected?

I'd be interested to know the CPU & GPU options you have too. i.e. Is there much extra kick between the 290 & the 295.

I found this article & gaming seems to handle pretty well, but despite a mention of Elite: Dangerous there's not much in the way of explaining how it performed:

The Retina iMac and its 5K display… as a gaming machine? [Updated] | Ars Technica

I know this combination of things will be slim to have in one person, but I thought it was worth asking.

Kind regards, Russ.

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