3 x macs, 2 x ipads, 2 x iphones keeping things synced?




Here is the deal...

I have two Imacs at home and I carry a MBP to work and back with me.

My wife works at home. We both have iphones and ipads.

Sounds great yeah? actually a bit of a nightmare when you thing about syncing music apps etc etc etc.

The scenario that I am sort of using at the moment is my MBP is the master music library and I use syncopation to sync it to the iMac in my kitchen. Then my wife uses home sharing to access the music on the mac in the kitchen on the mac in her office.

I sync my iphone and my ipad with my MBP and she syncs hers with the mac in her office.

This basically works, however... she doesn't have access to my apps (not sure, can you share apps with another family member?) that's not so important although it would be nice. We aren't sharing books this way and I would like to be able to do that... and TV shows I guess.

I used to use syncopation between all the computers, but then her Itunes account got screwed up at one point and it seemed like syncing the libraries between the computers might have been the cause. (I am going to try this again and see if I can get it to work as I think that might be the best solution)

Will IOS5 help me out in any way on all this?

Can you sync music etc my kitchen mac which is doing home sharing to her devices?

I'd appreciate any advice from anyone that has had similar problems and found a solution that continues to work!

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