3 Mac’s start up mega slow since networking (OS 9.2.2)



HI I have three Macs at work all running MAC OS 9.2.2, two are the G4 400hz and the 1 is the 733hz I think, well its newer then the other two but older then the mirrored drive G4.they all have like 512RAM +

They use to start up slow before, but after networking them I find you can weight up to 2 mints for it to start up.

• It starts up fine, it’s just when they get to the desk top they just come to a halt. And then after a mint or so all the drives plus any files on desk top pop up.

• Also how do I stop the computers connection to each other on start up, just before they get to the desktop, they present me with the username and password screen so they can connect to the other Macs.

• I’m sure I can have them networked leaving file sharing on and they don’t ask for the username password on every start up.

• Also I used to all ways get a massage saying file sharing can not be enabled on this drive when I put a zip disk in or a cd. I found this went away 1ns I added broadband to the network hub. Does any 1 know y this use to happen.

PLs help


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