2nd Gen 20" iMac bit the dust...migration begins

Feb 22, 2010
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The hard drive works fine, the power supply and logic board went, so I'm just going to buy a brand new MBP as soon as it drops.

Unfotunately my iPhone had to be restored to factory settings this weekend, so I'm without all my contacts and music from my dead iMac to resync them. If I buy an external enclosure for my SATA drive, or a cable/adapter, can I boot from my original iMac hard drive in order to sync my phone?

Or should I just load it as an external hard drive and copy my iTunes folder from my iMac HD and replace the one on my new MBP HD?

Also, what would you recommend for the migration: an adapter or an external enclosure? I don't plan on accessing my old iMac HD too often, so I'm thinking adapter.

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