2 weeks till I buy my first mac



Hello in 2 weeks, I plan to buy my very first Mac, I will be buying a Apple ibook G4 14in 933mhz, I am also looking for a good webcam to go with it, I know Apple has isight, but are there any other webcams that are really good, and also, I am looking for a good carrying case for my laptop.

All suggestions will be accepted

Thanks ahead of time.


If all you're looking for is a really good webcam...the yeah, the iSight is about the best you'll find. It has better quality than what many people get with $600 camcorders, and it s a helluva lot more convenient. Especially for the laptop users - it clips onto the top of the screen. HIGHLY recommended.
As someone said once (God only knows who) "The iSight is a one-trick pony, but it does that trick REALLY well."

Carrying case: I have a Targus case that my 15in PB fits nicely into and it works pretty well.... but everyone has different accesories, different styles, etc... I'd head to best buy maybe? We got mine at Target... Just go somewhere you can try the bags out.... bring your laptop and put it inside, make sure it fits snugly, with enough room for your plugins, and of course your new iSight. ;-)

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