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Jun 27, 2005
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Newcastle upon Tyne
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slot imac700 with external DVD
I have 2 emacs...1 is hard wired to a router(broadband) and the other has a USB dongle. Both running 10.5.8.
I have 2 printers running from the first emac and due to my missus hogging this machine have realised that I can network the second emac to access my files on the first one via the dongle...wow...was I impressed. Not having seen this done before...it was a eureka moment!! Having read up more on this I thought it would be really excellent if I could also access my printers in this way as well. Both printers are HP's without wireless connectivity so I thought...well it can't be that hard to use the first emac as the server and send the print message via the dongle from No 2 emac to the first emac (call it the server)
I had already set up the network via systems preferences by "file sharing" so I thought, well surely it must be a case of ticking the "print sharing" as well. I should explain that I had sync'd both macs with firewire so my second emac had all the print drivers already set up and was infact a clone of the main server emac. Went to my second emac and tried to print....nothing!!

Read up more on the topic and realised that the second emac would not be able to print because it was expecting the printer to be USB connected rather than via the network dongle. SO on the second emac I tried adding a printer with the ip address of the server...it seemed to accept it...so great...tried to print...it tries but comes up with the message "printer stopped" and if I try to resume it then pauses it and goes round in circles between the 2 messages.

I have read pages and pages of Google tips and discussions but still can't get it to print...its not the end of the world but having had the eureka moment finding that I can still work on my files via a network(which I never knew was possible) it would be even better if I can use the printers.

Any help on this would be really appreciated and may even lead to another "eureka" moment!!! You have to bear with me...I am getting on in years and all my knowledge is self taught.
Many thanks

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