15" imac superdrive acting weird



OK, I've had this computer for 2 years - the first version of the flat panel imac with a superdrive. It still works perfectly except for one thing - the superdrive. I keep wanting to watch movies in the superdrive and it won't read 75% of the consumer DVD's that I buy at stores.

It reads certain ones but the rest it just either spits out, or doesn't get past the "warning, fbi" screen to go into the menu or start the film.

It still burns CD's and DVD's fine (when it wants to anyway). The worst is when it plays the first couple warning screens and gets stuck. I hear it inside over and over trying to spin it really fast, then stopping and repeating that cycle. Then I just get that spinny wheel...I HATE THAT SPINNY WHEEL!!! Help.

None of the DVDs that don't work are scratched or smudged - but sometimes I get an error message saying something like "the DVD player encountered a serious error. It had trouble reading the disc. Check the disc for scratches or smudges."


Porter Mason

I have the exact same problem with my 17-inch iMac, bought in early 2003. All DVDs worked fine for a while, then started doing this about 3 months ago.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this? It's quite annoying, as I don't have a TV and use the iMac to watch DVDs on quite a bit.

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