13" Macbook Unibody w/Asus VW266H Monitor and Thermaltake External Enclosure (Max 4)

Feb 23, 2010
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I'm looking into purchasing a 13" Macbook unibody (version that came out oct 09) and have a few questions regarding its compatibility with my other computer accessories. With this being my first Mac purchase and I do not know much and will simply lay out the questions and concerns I have.

I intend to connect a new 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green HDD to store 1080p media and have read that there are possible compatibility issues with external enclosures. How can I verify that my enclosure (Thermaltake Max 4) will function properly? Also since I will be storing HD media on the external drive I will be dealing with large files (>10GB in size), to what file system should I format the drive initially as I have previously encountered issues with FAT32 (does not support files >4GB). I would like to keep it in a format that can also be accessible by Windows 7 if possible should I decide to stick the drive in my desktop.

The other compatibility question was regarding my external monitor. I have the ASUS VW266H. I am planning on purchasing a mini-displayport to dvi connector so I can take advantage of the full 1980x1200 display resolution. My concerns come from reading specs on the apple displayport adapter some of which say the max supported output resolution is 1080p (1980x1080) while others says it is 1980x1200. I would like to confirm that latter is true. Also I have seen third party adaptors on amazon for much cheaper than their apple counterparts that may offer better compatibility for my monitor and I was hoping to verify this.

I know its a lot to ask but if I can get even a bit of info from a few people, it may be enough. I'd like to know exactly what I will be getting out of my macbook if I am to purchase one. I have researched a lot online, but not found much so I am resorting to the forums. I'd appreciate any help or experiences you could share with me.

Thanks so much!


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
Your Mac's Specs
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If you haven't found the tech specs online, you just haven't been to the right places. Head to Apple to verify the specs and capabilities of any new Mac. Head to everymac to easily find the specs of just about any Mac (at least from the G3 forward).

The 13" MacBook (uni), now called the MacBook Pro released Oct 20, '09 (the current model) is able to support up to 2560x1600 on an external display. But, you should verify this for yourself, not necessarily take the word of someone else. You need to realize that the specs and capability of the computer and the specs and capability of an individual adapter/cable are two separate and distinct things.

I would be extremely hesitant in purchasing any mini displayport adapter/cable from a 3rd party (with the exception of monoprice.com) without customer reviews. From the reviews on that particular one you have linked, I'd say it will work just fine.

Those reviews talking about 1080p are because they are connecting to 1080p resolution monitors. In which case, they'll not get 1920x1200 because their monitors do not support that resolution. There are many monitors coming out now designed for cross-purposes and 1080p has become a catch phrase for many non-technical folks.

One thing to realize up front which is hard to find info, is that the mini displayport to DVI adapters are only digital, e.g. DVI-D, there is no analog signal being passed through that adapter. So, if you require analog on your monitor, you will need the mini displayport to VGA adapter.

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