13" Macbook + Orig. Xbox Casemod

Feb 15, 2010
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Hey, I have an extra macbook (weird, right?) and an old xbox. The mac is a 13" Macbook 4,1. I want to put it in my xbox. I think I can do it but this is my first hardware mod and, to be honest, I'm scared. Does anyone see any immediate problems I'm overlooking? I chose the xbox because it can dissipate heat well and i need a tower pc, so i thought an xbox one would be cool. the challenges i can think of as of right now are:
1. proper spacing and mounting of logic board (so that nothing that shouldn't touch doesn't)
2. proper placement of airport & bluetooth cards (the xbox is sorrounded by metal, which will seriously damper any wireless connections)
3. properly mounting the Superdrive (the actual xbox DVD-ROM drive as the black xbox plastic part glued to the front. obviously, that's not an option with the drive built into the mac)
4. Finally, taking apart the mac without destroying any of the parts. Then putting the whole thing together without causing any static discharge etc.

Look, I'm a senior in high school, not a laptop repairman, but I really want to do this before I leave for college. Also, if anyone can project costs i'm not including, that'd be a huge help. Thanks!

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