108g wi-fi airport card/base station is it in the works?



OK thanks for the update.

I typed the info in google and I've read a couple improvements on the 11n and from what I gather that MAC (media acess control) & PHY (physical throughput) layers of wireless data being transmitted will be at equivalent peak transmission modes as opposed to the old technology (54mbps as advertised but transmits at 24mbps). The 11n brings the speculated 100mbps to the suggested 100mbps transmitted data throughput. All I could say is WOW and we will see its introduction around May which is close to the rumored Powerbook G5 release.

Well I have a D-Link DI-624 wireless router and it works like a dream with my airport card. It transmits 108 mbps and I have Maxtor firewire drive hooked up to a Powerbook G3 (lombard) hooked up from a PC firewire card and the PB G3 is wired through my router via LAN port. I also have a Powerbook G4 17" and the airport card recognizes the LAN and I can access the firewire drive via airport. I tested the airport card to see what the limits were and so I ran a movie from the firewire extenal HD and watched it wirelessly. As expected the movie wasn't smooth at some parts when the camera shots happen to pan in a scene. I don't know whether the airport was at fault or the PC firewire card from my PB G3 jerkin' the images around. I played every movie dimesions from 640x350 to 420x240 and they all have the inherent frame skippin' syndrome.

Well, with that said, I have a question whether I should buy a 108g wireless PC card for my PB G4 by D-Link which they have available for Windows but I don't know whether it will work. I assume that it would probably work since its all hardware and alot of software involved. Well my question is the firewire PC card installed in my PB G3 at fault or the extreme card in my PB G4? If the firewire PC card isn't the problem and if I purchase a 108g wireless card from D-Link which they have available for Windows will it work on my Mac since the wireless card kis really just all hardware and not alot of software involved (educated guess)?

Your answers are greatly appreciated

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