10.4.11 to snow leopard + iphone 4s

Sep 8, 2006
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I currently have a first-gen macbook pro from '06, intel core duo, running on 10.4.11 tiger. Up till now, I've been been able to deal with the older software because I just had an ipod nano to worry about and didn't bother trying to sync my blackberry, and because I was planning to get a new macbook pro next fall before starting up grad school (where I will definitely be needing all the latest updates).

Anyway, I was finally able to upgrade to an iphone 4s, and with that comes all the software incompatibility issues. I did some googling, so technically, I know that I can get the $29 snow leopard software (instead of the getting the more expensive package, which, since I'm planning to get a new mac within the year, seems wasteful), and that it should resolve my mac/iphone compatibility issues. BUT, I still want to be 100% sure that it won't negatively affect anything, mainly photoshop cs4.

My mac is pretty much on its last leg, I think. Pretty slow, must be hooked up to the power chord at all times (otherwise it powers off automatically), Safari seems to have stopped working, (not sure if this is due to my current software, but I can't get fios wireless - first time having any wireless issues - so it's just plain annoying because I have to keep it up hooked up to the router, in 1 room of the house) - basically I know I need an overhaul soon. So do you think I'll be okay to go ahead with snow leopard? Just deal with it until I get a new mac? Any help and advice would be very much appreciated!

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