1 year with Mac and my business has been transformed !

Jan 23, 2011
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I never really post threads like this on the net but thought it worth sharing my thoughts with you guys.

Well, after over 20 years using a PC, having started out in one of the original winbeta groups and building a business in software i finally moved over to a Mac last year and my only regret has been in not doing it years earlier.

My software coding is intense as we code 1024mb encryption codes which could take 40m-120m on a PC at 100% cpu load giving a decent quality laptop a lifespan of around 6-9 months before it bit the dust.
On my Macbook it takes 6-24 seconds and a year down the line the Mac is sweet as the day I first purchased it !!

We now have 6 Mac's in the business and have over 40 of our clients running a mac successfully so things are moving in the OSX way.
Mar 16, 2007
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That's great to hear! I have similar experiences. For me it's mostly that I find Windows systems slow down so much over sometimes even just weeks of using them and they need eventually to be rebuilt to get back up to speed. None of my Macs had to be rebuilt which might also be a bit lucky because even all the upgrades to Leopard, Leopard Snow and Lion (oh, and iOS5) worked just fine. It just makes me happy to work with my Macs on a daily basis...

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