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  1. PGB1

    How To Check iPad To Find Out Cause For Non Stop Flash Player Update Pop Ups

    Hi All! I hope this note finds everyone healthy and enjoying today! My wife has an iPad using the latest iOS version. Lately, she's been getting seemingly non-stop pop ups to update Flash Player. Knowing they are fake, when one shows up, she immediately closes Safari, then goes to Settings _...
  2. M

    How can I get rid of the Flash player?

    Some time ago I mistakenly installed the Adobe Flash player on my Mac (2018 MacBook Pro, Mojave). It has been nothing but a pain since and so I decided to uninstall it. I went to the Mac Preferences page and removed the Flash entry. I downloaded the Flash uninstaller and ran it on my system and...
  3. Jonzjob

    Mac Cleanup Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro 13 mid 2010 running OS X 10.13.6. Browser is Waterfox. Last night I had a quick look to see what was going on in the world before going to bed. I was looking at the BBC news site and wanted to look at some video. I clicked on the video and got a message to upgrade the flash...
  4. M

    I found two Flash Plugins on my desktop that I don't recall downloading.

    Hi everyone, This morning I see my computer was on in sleep mode. I was surprised because I could have sworn I turned it off for the night. Okay, perhaps my iMac did not turn off. But then I found two Flash Plugins on my iMac's desktop that I do not recall downloading. I ejected them and ran a...
  5. krs

    Looking for a reliable 100GB or larger 3.0 flash drive

    I'm looking for a reliable 100GB or larger 3.0 flash drive - what make do people recommend? Speed is not important - a USB 2.0 flash drive would actually be fine if that is more reliable and a fair amount cheaper. Saw a Lexar 128 GB for $30.- at staples.ca which sounded pretty good. I thought...
  6. krs

    Adobe Flash - 32-bit, also not supported past 2020?

    A reply by Dave pointed me to this thread: Updating Adobe Flash Player in a macOS Ca… - Apple Community If correct what is posted there, what are people doing to watch anything that requires Adobe Flash? I don't really like the application for several, probably obvious, reasons, but I still...
  7. S

    Flash Drive does not show in Finder Sidebar

    iMac with OS 10.12.6. Two different USB flash drives in different USB ports do not display in Finder windows' Sidebar. USB port works fine (the keyboard typing this question is plugged into a USB port). The flash drives appear on the Desktop, and in Save dialog boxes. Right clicking on them...
  8. Randy B. Singer

    New Mac Malware

    There has been new malware released into the wild for the Macintosh this month. It's nothing to get really excited over, but one should still be careful: In-the-wild Mac malware kept busy in June—here’s a rundown | Ars Technica This is important: Not uncommonly, malware based on a Web site...
  9. S

    Adobe Flash update

    Apparently I ok'd a d/l of Flash. I have since changed my mind and didn't complete the install. Now I get popups wanting to complete the install. Where can I find the offender and delete it to prevent the constant and irritating popups?