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  1. Cr00zng

    Text spam...

    Hello everyone... I trust everyone in your family is still in good health. :phew What is everyone doing with spam text, like this one: Of course, other than the obvious answer of just delete and under no circumstances click on the link... Calling the phone number displayed resulted in the...
  2. RustProofCorn

    How to set up a new iMac for family

    I have had macs in the past but they were for a single user. When setting up for a family do you guys make each person their own sign in or do you just create a new Apple ID for the computer only? Thanks in advanced for the help
  3. A

    Calendar explanations

    Hello. I set up family sharing (between me and my partner, no-one else here) on our Calendars, which seemed like a good thing. Mostly, it works, at least between our iPads and occasionally our Macs. She has a Powerbook Pro, I've got a MacMini, both using High Sierra; each of us has an iPad...
  4. A

    Family member's hacked PC

    Today I received an e-mail from a family member, with whom I had recently exchanged e-mails on my iPhone, to say her PC had been hacked and all recent e-mails should be deleted. I had noticed after one such exchange that my reply went to Microsoft (in blue) followed by Admin (in black and) was...
  5. A

    Family sharing

    Hello. Thought I was doing well, by setting up Family Sharing so that my partner could see my Calendar and all its appointments etc. on HER Macbook Pro. But no. My Apple ID is quite different from hers, so it wasn't that trap. I tried sending her an invitation, but it kept bouncing at her...