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  1. Cr00zng

    iOS exploits are "cheap"...

    Cheap is relative, but iOS exploits used to be the most expensive at Zerodium. That's no longer the case, Android zero-click exploits are the king of the hill. Arstech has a pretty interesting article on this change. The most interesting aspect is how exploits are chained together to achieve...
  2. Ctrl-Opt-Del

    Oldest (i.e. cheapest) MacBook Pro worth buying

    Surprised a question like this hasn’t been asked before (if it has, I couldn’t find it). What would the fine people of this find forum say is a MBP that offers the best balance between newness & cheapness in 2019? I saw a base-configuration non-retina 2012 13 inch MBP for £385 (~$500) and...
  3. Dittoman1

    Too Good to be True for WordPress

    All in one WordPress for $ 39.99.. Its in Mac Forum Deal ( got email ) What do u think...
  4. J

    What cheap hosting anyone can refer?

    I am using dreamhost but i want to see more cheap web hosting which is better than dreamhost anyone can suggest better web host.