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  1. ImDrRichard

    Email on iPhone 11 Pro Max "Not Learning" where to file emails -

    Happy New Year, Guys! I'm running IOS 13.3 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I've had it since September, 2019. Not that it has anything to do with my current hardware, I notice a lack of learning on the email application as to where to file emails I want to keep. FYI, I have an extensive list of...
  2. M

    MPB keeps forgetting Gmail passwords

    My MPB (10.13.6) keeps forgetting the Gmail passwords in Apple Mail. Sometimes when I restart they come back - otherwise I have to re-enter them? Can someone pse tell me why this is happening? Update - this morning I restarted but the passwords were still forgotten. I had to reset them all in...
  3. hughvane

    2018 Mini Crash

    Advice please - my 2018 Mini (see specs in profile) crashed last evening, cause uncertain. No power issues, the only thing that *might* be related was a warning from Gmail that its Extension 'Gmail Checker' needed to be shut down or reactivated, cannot recall exactly. The machine tries to...
  4. T

    Gmail App issue

    I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the following please. My wife has a Gmail account and uses the Gmail app on her iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. It has worked fine until just recently when all notifications, sounds and badges have stopped working. Emails are received and can be read on both...
  5. H

    email problems

    Hi all, back again with problems. I've got a macbook air as well as the Imac. On the Macbook I'm using Thunder bird mail handler and have gmail and Optusnet accounts. On the Gmail account all my inbox contents have gone into 'important' folder and 'bin.' I can't think what I might have done, or...
  6. B

    Gmail problems on my imac

    Everything has been fine for some time on my IMAC but in the last few days the Gmail accounts don't seem to remember their passwords and I can't log into my preferences, accounts, gmail and change the passwords. I go to mail, preferences, select an account and go to server settings and it just...
  7. A

    Problem getting e-mail in Apple Mail

    Until Thursday e-mails to my gmail account were sending and receiving normally. Yesterday I got a message saying "Enter the password for the account “****@gmail.com”. anOpen Safari. I entered my password and then got a message from MacOS (Developer info 'account_support@apple.com') saying it...
  8. S

    Ransom message

    I have a MacOS Sierra on an iMac Retina 2017. I have received an email message sent to my Gmail account from "kahy@kmbibxqyb.com" telling me “I do know ***** is your passphrases [at ***** the message displays an old, OBE, out of use password]. Give me USD 869 at Bitcoin B*T*C* ad*dre*ss...