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  1. R

    Disable auto play in Music?

    Using the Music app (1.0.4) on OS, is there a way to disable auto play next song in playlists?
  2. caribiner23

    Duplicate Files-- Lots of 'em

    I've been using the COVID-19 quarantine as an opportunity to clean up and organize my digital life. It's been a very satisfying exercise! I've now moved on to the multiple file backups that I burned to CDs/DVDs, spanning 20 years. I copied the contents of all the discs to a massive external...
  3. E

    iPhone 8S music not playing properly

    I have tons of songs synced to my iPhone from my iMac. I have always been able to open the music icon and play any song I want from my library while in my car or walking or similar. All of a sudden, only a couple of songs will play. the screen says I need to use WIFI or cellular data. What is...
  4. B

    Issues transferring Ipod Music

    I have and older iPod it’s an: IPod touch 2nd Gen Intro. September 9, 2008 Disc. September 9, 2009 Order MB528LL/A* Model A1288/A1319* (EMC 234) Family iPod touch 2nd Gen ID iPod2, 1 Storage 16 GB Here’s the challenge: First, when I plug it into my computer through the USB port, it is not...
  5. B

    Ipod Music Transfer

    Hello, I recently purchased an old iPod ( Model # A1288 SN # 9C846SJ7203) from a local thrift store and the iPod is fully functioning. It still has music installed is there a way to transfer the music from this iPod to my current PC computer which already has iTunes. Thanks bertmac
  6. H

    Can't create a folder saving out of Safari

    iMac 20 inch Mid 2007, OS X Yosemite. I'm trying to save a page out of Safari to users --> Mac --> Music --> Other Music --> ABBA and then I want to make a sub-folder "ABBA Wembley" and I get an error message in the box "This location is read-only" Permissions read mac (me) Read and write...
  7. F

    Checking Music Library message won't go away!!!

    Please tell me someone has a real fix for this. I've tried a couple of things (not found in this forum). When I open Music (on iMac) I receive this message and it either never goes away or it takes an hour to open it. I'm standing on the ledge of a roof of a very tall building...HELP PLEASE...
  8. F

    iPod 5th generation and Apple Music

    I have a 5th generation 32G iPod (2013) that I just reformatted. The iTunes app has been replaced by the Apple Music app. When I select the Apple Music app a picture of a lady wearing a headset appears but the app itself never loads. The circular "loading" graphic just keeps going round and...
  9. F

    iPhone and Music

    My wife has an iPhone 10 that has never had any music on it other than what the phone came with. When she hooked up the phone to her MacBook Pro to use iTunes and download some music from it, she came to this screen below and went no further. She was concerned that it would wipe some or all of...
  10. baggss

    Apples "Music" App...

    Is it me or is this thing a train wreck? iTunes ws never my favorite program but it seems like breaking it out to Music and TV and has only made it worse. Also seems like it totally focused on pushing everything you do towards Apple Music. Except I don't want Apple Music, I want my library...
  11. pigoo3

    Keeping Favorite Tunes

    Hey music experts out there. Here's a question that was posted on the Mac-Forums Facebook page...was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, ideas, or a solution?: "I get through lots of music and often only find a decent song or two which I’d like to keep instead of deleting the whole album...
  12. A

    Changing shuffle to ordered sequence

    I queried with someone why I couldn’t exit shuffle mode when playing from a playlist. It was suggested that it might be because Apple will only allow this for subscribers to its music app. Is that so? If not how do change. These are my own mp3 songs saved to a playlist.
  13. R

    Help with monitors please - understanding the basics

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get the basics to upgrade a monitor. I have a dell 24 inch I hoop up to my MacBook Pro 15 in. It works ok, but I can tell the refresh rate (?) or something isn’t ideal as I can see/feel the screen refreshing. I am considering a few monitors under $400 that are 32 inches...
  14. P

    "New" Computer: iPad and iPhone not recognized by "Music"

    G'day, Just purchased a 'new' 2015 computer running 10.15.1 iTunes is no longer...now it's "Music". Never an issue previously, however, now when I plug in my iPad running 9.3.6 or my iPhone 8 plus running 12.4.1 , neither appear as the typical little 'box' icon. So, I don't have access to...
  15. F

    New iMac and music files

    I just got a new 21.5" iMac. I would like to set up my music files on an external drive to save space (100MB) on the iMac HD. Currently all of the music files reside on a MacBook Pro that will be reformatted clean. iTunes shows a specific path where the music files would be saved on the iMac...
  16. F

    Catalina Upgrade and MUSIC app

    BIG, BIG mistake I made upgrading to MAC OS Catalina on my MacBook Pro. Have had many problems resulting from the upgrade. (Or was it a downgrade?) My newest problem is with the new MUSIC app that replaced iTunes. HATE THE MUSIC app!!! The MUSIC app, after upgrading? (backwards) to Catalina...
  17. R

    How to access Apple Music without subscription?

    Is there a way to just listen to clips of songs in the store without a subscription?
  18. J

    Is Apple getting money hungry

    Well here we go Apple music dont want it and never will i cant get my music on to icloud without subscription to Apple music, even though i pay for 50gb, so what i have my music on Google play music free. Maybe wrong post here but my iPhone 6 plus no ios 13 wow Also itunes is the worst piece of...
  19. RadDave

    Playlist Duplication on Music App in iOS 12.3.1 - why?

    On my new iPad Pro (Dec 2018) in the Music app, my Playlists are duplicated as shown below on left - the ones w/ an album pic have music files but the same named ones w/ just the iTunes icon are empty - not sure when this happened (use this app only 'on the road' w/ a portable BT speaker) - I...
  20. R

    Apple Music: How to add music without adding my whole library?

    I'm new to Apple Music subscription. I want to add something to my iPhone or save it so I can listen to it again, how do I do this? If I hit "Add To Library", it says I must merge my library with iCloud. Why? Will this upload my whole music library to iCloud, even songs I have installed from...