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  1. R

    FaceTime HD camera on iMac will not scan QR codes

    Model Name: iMac Mac OS 10.11.6 FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in): Product ID: 0x8511 Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.) Version: 72.30 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Location ID: 0x14500000 / 11 Current Available (mA): 1000 Current Required (mA): 500 Extra...
  2. 4

    developing apps

    If you learn to code a little in Python ,can you make changes to things like the menu bars and fonts in Mojave?Is stuff like that available to developers or does Apple make it impossible to access stuff like that?
  3. macgig

    best program for designing websites without learning code?

    had dreamweaver years ago. pretty complicated to use. also tried iweb which I didn't care for (its a little outdated now). rapidweaver was ok but not great. are they any other options? free would be nice, but id consider paid if the cost was reasonable.